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  • Power your portfolio to new heights through the turbulent markets with our Spartan Daily Market Forecast™.
  • Get an edge on your trading by knowing where price action is going each day using our Daily Market Forecast™.
  • Plan your daily trade setups around our Critical and Key Price Levels provided each day on our Spartan Daily Market Forecast™.
  • We deliver over 150 daily trading targets for the top traded indexes, commodities and currency pairs each day.

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It's NOT what you Trade, it's HOW you trade that matters.

Spartan Forecasts has a variety of members ranging from beginners to professionals actively using the Spartan Daily Market Forecast™ in their trading game plan each day.


Daily Market Forecast™

Our Daily Market Forecast™ has over 150 price targets that help our traders find legitimate trade set-ups and profit opportunities each day. We currently forecast the S&P 500, NASDAQ, DOW Jones, Oil, Gold, Silver, EUR/USD, JPY/USD and the GBP/USD.

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Pre-Market Game Planning

We open our Live Daily Trade Room 30 minutes before the opening bell as our traders walk through the Daily Market Forecast™ and explain exactly what trade setups we’re looking for that trading session and the potential for what the day holds.

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Daily Live Trade Room

Once have completed the Pre-Market Game Planning we prepare for the market to open. Once the bell goes off our traders are going over the different patterns and behaviors taking place during Live Market conditions along with the various trade setups that will set up during the trading session. Members have the ability to peak over the shoulder of our traders during Live Market conditions to see and hear what they are looking for according to their Pre-Market Game Plan that they laid out during the pre-market session. You will see and hear exactly what trades they enter and where they exit the trade win, lose or draw.

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Daily Q&A with Experts

After the live trade room we move to our “post session review” where members have an open Q&A with our expert traders. This gives you the opportunity to learn new trading strategies, broaden your vision as a trader and strengthen your ability to understand our Spartan Daily Market Forecast™.

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Unlimited Email Support

Our passion for helping you succeed doesn't stop when you sign on with us. You'll find a wealth of knowledge from our experts and valuable resources designed to help you achieve your goals. Have questions? Need a virtual pep talk? We're here to help.

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Our Methodology

The Weight of The Move™ is a trading methodology driven by price action and market movement. It displays key price levels in the market designed to show where price is likely to go day in and day out. This helps create opportunities for trade setups off of the supply and demand in the market.

Want to pick the brain of our forecasting experts?

Our Spartan Daily Market Forecast™ is...


Hundreds of active day traders and companies, ranging from beginners to professionals, use our Spartan Daily Market Forecasts™ as part of their daily trading game plan.

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"Spartan Forecasts™ has helped me understand what to look for when executing trades. Since changing the way I look at the market, I have experienced more success as a trader."

"I signed up with Spartan Forecasts last month. Right away I understood the potential money that could be made using the key price level lines provided daily based on the price action. Colin does a terrific job describing the market direction which gives the trader's edge necessary to become a winner. I have gained a lot of confidence and discipline that was needed to get on the right side of the trade. I highly recommend joining his group to do the same."

~ Vincent D.
 Bridgeport, ​C​T.

"Spartan's traders are passionate about what they do and genuinely care about your success as a trader."

~ Mike W.
 Luverne, MN.

“Spartan Forecasts™ is now a part of my work each morning and it’s an integral part of my financial future. With the results that I am seeing, I am now able to financially plan for being debt free, making capital investments in my business for further expansion and creating a program for retirement.”

~ Howard N.
 Sandy UT.

"The "Daily Market Forecast" and training from Colin in the "Trading Room" are the most powerful resources I have ever had for my trading. It is uncanny how accurate the DMF price movements are everyday, and I use the key levels to plan my trades. Colin is an awesome teacher who makes thing easy to understand. Thank you Spartan Forecasts for helping me along my path to ditch my company and move to full time trading!"

~ Matt C.
 , CA.

"The team at Spartan Forecasts and its program has been essential for the successful trading business I've built for my retirement."

~ Tom B.
 Cincinnati, OH.

"Spartan has a unique methodology that helps me execute trades with confidence. They sincerely care about my success!"

~ Sandy P.
 Holmen, WI.

"I am trying to work different hours so I can make the daily webinar. I was juggling things a bit but meant to let you know I was long ES from 2012.25 and held it most of the day to 2018.
It was a bumpy ride and I hate sweating through the lunch period.
Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work you do and even if I don't make the webinar daily, I always reference your targets for my entries an d exits on ES (only instrument I'm trading at the moment).
I'm trying to improve my ability to navigate the low volume / reversal times such as lunch time and before big announcements. I did well FOMC day and am getting a better sense for the stop running that goes on and timing the big jumps in price that happen post lunch....
Much appreciated and thanks again!"

~ Carlos A.
 East Elmhurst, NY.

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